Eczema Skin Treatment

Having itchy, red patches on your skin is inconvenient and is something you shouldn’t take for granted. It affects your productivity and quality of life. How can you work or sleep well if you keep scratching those dry, irritated areas of your skin?

Elica is what you need to ensure a restful sleep and a productive day. This topical steroid relieves symptoms of eczema and other skin problems, so you can gain peace of mind and live life to the fullest. It’s the ideal treatment for skin rashes and other conditions. Specially formulated and doctor-recommended, Elica helps you enjoy life without itchy or swollen skin.

This website is dedicated to those who suffer from eczema and those who need more information about common skin problems. Elica is the brand you can trust when you need effective eczema skin treatment. The product comes in a cream or ointment form to suit your needs and preferences.

Elica is a leading brand of psoriasis ointment in the Philippines. Browse our pages to learn more about the product and to get useful tips on dealing with skin problems.